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Wolfgang Cerny
Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation 
Vikings: Valhalla


"I am an internationally working actor. Training with Troy however opened up new insights and views on sometimes old and forgotten, sometimes just unused techniques and thought processes. I highly profit from our work, in person and distantly via skype, and can easily recommend him to any actor, no matter the experience level. You can feel his honest interest in the human soul, which is valuable beyond comparison." 

Chaley Rose 


"Troy is the kind of acting coach who is so engaged in the work of the actor that he often can’t stay seated as he gives notes! He’s right there with you. His excitement is palpable and I find that it really feeds the work, pulls it out of you. He gives notes and asks questions that guide you deeper into the role. He celebrates with you when you’ve had a break through. In the time I’ve been working with Troy, I’ve started to really surprise myself in the scenes. I don’t know if there’s a better or more exciting feeling than that for an actor. The work we do is so vulnerable, it’s so important to trust our talent with the right person. Troy is that person."

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