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Coaching Options


 Audition Coaching

30 minute

In person or via Zoom


 Audition Coaching

60 minute

In person or via Zoom


 Audition Coaching

and Taping

60 minute

$190 inc. $40 taping facility fee 

Self Tape Redirect/notes

via Email 


Anissa Borrego 

This Is Us 

"To have Troy’s guidance in building and honing your craft would be an incomparable gift to any actor. Working with Troy has changed me forever as a person and an actress. I feel safest under his guidance and trust his knowledge, skill, dedication and respect for the work and every actor he works with. He teaches with compassion, no ego. He’s adamantly (& impressively) patient with every actor.  Not only have I noticed a transformation in my own work, but I have been so lucky to see the beautiful growth of  my peers; and wow, that is something truly special. I hope to work with Troy for as long I’m an actress. He gave me confidence and trust in myself as an actor, he took away my imposter syndrome, he helped me discover my power in its most organic form, he taught me how to add the veins in a truthful way. I have fallen in love with acting all over again and am absolutely head over heels obsessed with it". 


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